kockeriet outside
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Kockeriet is a Swedish or European styled restaurant that is run by TV Chef, Tareq Taylor. If you’re looking for a more down to earth fine dining experience, Kockeriet is the place you have been looking for. It is located in a historic building, an ancient medieval warehouse, and the chef has obviously funneled a lot for money into the interior to create a warm, yet high-end atmosphere to suit the clientele he seeks to serve. Mr. Taylor often works at Kockeriet himself, so if you go there is a pretty good chance you’ll get to meet him. My husband took me here for our first wedding anniversary as a special treat.

We sat between 7:30 PM and 11:30 PM, and received some of the best service I’ve ever had in my life in Sweden. We ended up going with the 5-course tasting menu and asked the staff to recommend a good bottle of wine to go with it. The “Skogstartar” was outstanding as well as the “gädda” with a touch of Lemon. Everyone at Kockeriet was really on point that evening, and they were even kind enough to give us a few free dishes to sweeten a night that in my mind was already pretty stellar. We really want to come back one day, perhaps when our finances might allow us to do so again. They also have a lunch service but you’ll need to book that one in advance. If you have the means, I highly recommend this establishment.