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Kalendegatan 20, Malmö, Sverige
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Owned by a local Malmo couple, Kyoto Sushi Bar gives you the pleasure of watching your sushi be made fresh- right in front of you- through the white transparent interior of this excellent clean restaurant. You can expect to be served quickly, in a friendly fashion and efficiently. Your wallet won’t be crying either as you leave this place with a happy belly full of fresh fish. In particular, their lunch offerings provide the best value you’re going to find if you’re looking to curve that incessant sushi tooth.

Lunch sets come with 6 pieces of nigiri, a roll of your choice, and a warm savory bowl of miso to heat you up from the inside out. If you do head there for lunch, be sure to snag a seat early, the restaurant itself is not very large, and you may find yourself having to wait to enjoy your tuna maki.

Though they have a small menu, you won’t be confused about what to order. Kyoto Sushi Bar has seven rolls to choose from with vegetarian options on request; a rainbow roll, Nobashi Ebi (shrimp) roll, Spicy Tuna roll, Philadelphia roll, Mango shrimp roll, and a sriracha salmon roll. If you happen to come for dinner, there are set options for patrons with large stomachs, as well as those who prefer to eat more modestly. We recommend you try the Unagi (BBQ eel) sashimi platter for dinner if you’ve never had eel, it’s a must try for sushi first timers.