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Södra Förstadsgatan 16, Malmö, Sverige
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La Leia Malmo is a lingerie and swimwear company that just recently opened up a physical store choosing Malmo as the location for their headquarters. They offer fashion made for varieties of bodies, not just skinny models. In their catalog, you will find many kinds of body types as well as colors to suit almost everybody’s taste in swimwear.

A lot of their pieces are really quite sexy with gorgeous nude pinks to see through black lace, someone walking into the store will be sure to find something which highlights their natural beauty and unique bedroom personality. The color palette for their swimwear is really quite refreshing and modern from deep burnt oranges, fresh lively turquoises to hot electric yellows, those seeking color are sure to be pleased with what La Leia has on offer for them.

A lot of their swimwear is monocolored and sprinkled in is a collection of floral patterns and sailor striped numbers. They also sell kimonos mainly the short and cheeky kind, some coming in deliciously delicate Japanese like pattern and others being just plain smooth monocolored silk. If you are a girl who prefers black for her underwear and swimwear, La Leia offers interesting designs, twists to tempt you to become a regular patron. You will definitely be Instagram worthy even if you go with black.