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Södra Förstadsgatan 3, Malmö, Sverige
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A favorite place to relax, study, enjoy premium coffee and French baked goods; Le Croissant in Malmo is a well-known spot for locals to frequent. It has really nice and chilled atmosphere with comfortable sitting, great food and is purportedly really child-friendly if you want to bring your little ones here.

The walls are painted a rich deep warm red, which often creates a really nice lovely pink color in their reflections on the stark white tables. Looking into their display case, you will find really nice delectable treats including but not limited to pecan cheesecake, brownies, tiramisu and an assortment of submarine sandwiches. On our visit to Le Croissant in Malmo, we purchased two light and fluffy éclairs, a mango macaroon, a coconut cluster, a cheese croissant and two mocha lattes with whip cream.

It was most definitely sinful but a needed break from the hustle and bustle of our stay in Malmo. Everything was absolutely perfect especially the macaroon of which I regret, we did not buy two, because my husband only let me have one bite. If you are not a coffee person, they also have fresh smoothies and juices. I also saw another patron munching on a particularly lovely piece of bread topped with shrimp, eggs, dill, and lemon. Had we not come for dessert, I probably would have ordered the same thing. The Wi-Fi is also particularly good so it is not a bad place to get work done either.