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Drottninggatan 36, Malmö, Sverige
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Linh Nails is a cozy and friendly salon located in a residential area of Malmo. They are a full-service salon offering nail services, eyelashes service as well as a variety of services that you might come to expect from a beauty salon. They offer nail extension, which you can choose to have shaved to a point or rounded. You can also bring in pictures that you see in Pinterest or Instagram, and have the professionals at Linh Nails recreate them for you on your own hand. The women there are capable of really fine minute nail painting.

While I was there I saw a woman getting a collection of many pictures getting painted on her nails like a small moon, a little dog and a mini sun with an intricate pattern overlaid on top of it. Don’t be afraid to ask something really special because I am telling you that the professions in Linh Nails are more than capable of making it happen for you. They carry a large library of colors. I do not know how many colors they carry, but it was enough to fill up an entire wall of their store.

I suspect they actually have more colors than what they had displayed because none on the bottles I saw were gel. So I am sure they have quite a collection of those in a storeroom somewhere. Upon my visit there I asked for an ombre French job, meaning a French manicure but instead of a hard line between the pink and white, they more blended into each other. It was very modern and well executed. Something that lots of people get done at Linh Nails is eyelash extension.

This is accomplished by gluing in individual hair to your natural eyelashes making them bloom into a full brush that will surely turn heads. The glue is waterproof and can last up to a month. You have to be a little bit careful with them, no sauna, but they are really quite durable.