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Klostergatan 1L, Lund, Sverige
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Arguably Lund’s best coffee bar and roastery, Love certainly roasts and brews the most stellar specialty coffees served with… well, an abundant of love for the past 17 years. Every coffee served here has its own story and has its own individual profile which fits every coffee lovers’ palates.
From espresso to pour-over, milk or no milk, pastries, and many more – everything here is worth the try. If you want good coffee available at home, all of their coffees are available to buy as whole beans or grounded, whichever suits you. When summer is here, tables with benches in the backyard is open and it will make your experience even more delightful.
Oh and did we mention that they do events or workshops on everything coffee related? Learn how to brew better at home or other masterclasses with Love.