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Föreningsgatan 12, Malmö, Sverige
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Malmo Ink Tattoo is among the burgeoning growth of tattoo shops sprouting up all over the city. The owner Janko is a seasoned and versatile tattoo artist capable of pulling off multiple styles and techniques to give you the artwork that you will want to keep on your body forever. They practice state of the art hygiene and are sure to instruct their clients as to how to properly care for healing artwork. The shop doesn’t have many artists but occasionally have guest artist drop in from many locations all around the world.

The shop is well known for its black and gray, however, after reviewing their portfolios it is my belief that they are also capable of pulling off illustrative style tattoos reasonably well too. Occasionally the owner will host contests and will sometimes give away reduced-price tattoos for those who want larger pieces.

Just remember when you are shopping for a tattoo artist that cheap work is never good and good work is never cheap. Depending upon what kind of tattoo you want an artist may charge more or less per hour than they would another client. This is because different kinds of tattoos may require more or less skill and time to complete. For example, realistic or realism tattoo are amongst the most difficult to pull off and take a long time to complete.

This kind of tattoo may be more expensive than other styles of tattoo whereas the American tradition is a lot more straightforward and may be cheaper. Therefore it is impossible for me to write a standard rate for any tattoo artist.

It is very important when choosing one to visit their Instagram page and gauge the level of skill that an artist may have based on how straight they can pull a line and how effectively they can convey an image on the skin.