malmo modern furniture
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Skeppsbron 3, Malmö, Sverige
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Fans of monochromatic color palates, simple Scandinavian modern design and some of the latest trends in upscale furniture will find themselves in design heaven at the beautifully led out Malmö Modern. From book stops that look like London row homes to cleverly shaped paperweights, Malmö Modern is here to assist you in making your space just as stylish as the most modern furniture magazines.

Walking through the store you will spot a lot of adorable details on some of the pieces, which will really capture your attention and quite possibly your imagination as well. Imagine a candle holder stacked high like a totem pole with rocking horses, owls and deer antlers, or a dinner plate with an octopus drawn in 19th-century illustrative style. You will even find a life-size wall sticker of a silverback gorilla peering at you from behind a bookshelf.

The store in addition to furniture is stocked with some really intricate and beautiful wallpaper such as a lush forest green number that reminds me of a storybook that I read as a child. Fans of Salvador Dali and surrealism will delight in some of the tea tins designed by Italian designer Fornasetti Profumi which feature Dali-esque imagery. Circular liked fixtures are littered throughout the store and play of really interestingly with some of the sharper lines of the furniture and decorations that they sell. You will really be able to find creative and unique pieces that will be able to turn your space into something totally fabulous.