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Östergatan 18, 211 25 Malmö, Sweden
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4sound is a musical instrument store with loyal customers who reside in many parts of the country. There are people who travel up to 3.5 hours on the train just to come to Malmo for shopping at 4sound. The owner and staff have made a commitment to providing customers with products at a fair price and are always open to looking for solutions to customers ‘inquiries and issues.

The owner’s name is Dan and he is very knowledgeable as well as a well-known member of the surrounding community. Visit 4sound on any given day when he is in and you will see him conversing happily with a customer or a local, giving them great advice as well as great conversation. They sell mainly guitars, amplifiers, keyboards, and speakers. However, you might find other items in the store, best to call ahead or message them and ask to see if they have the item that you are looking for.

In addition to selling instruments, they also offer lessons for every instrument they sell and recording services in the back if you want to make a track. Unfortunately, besides the owner, the staffs don’t really speak English but they have a great sense of humor and it is very funny to goof around and have fun during their work shift. They have sales at least by annually so make sure you keep an eye when that happens. On occasion, they also do live shows, which are very popular among local neighborhood resident. I would definitely recommend them to any music lover.