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Södergatan 28, 211 34 Malmö, Sweden
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Malmö has an abundance of boutique shops providing unique and stylish looks for everyone from the fashionista to the jet setting businessman. It is part of the city’s charm, making it attractive to fastidious and selective consumers. However, the rest of us want the trendy and sophisticated looks without the boutique prices. So for providing this, we thank you Afound.

Launched by H&M in Malmö in mid June of 2018, the store provides stylish brands, trendy looks, and world class customer service at discount prices. How do they do it? I’m glad you asked. It’s simple, really.They choose the items and trends you cannot survive without, lower the price, and offer it to you!

And, unlike H&M, they sell more than just clothing and accessories. Here you can find furnishings for your kitchen, bathroom, living room, well…the whole house! At Afound you can purchase brands like Lacoste, Burberry, Urban Collective, and of course H&M.

After less than a year of doing business in Malmö, Afound is already a popular spot among locals and tourists alike. The reason for this is obvious. With the help of this great new store consumers no longer need to spend their Saturday trekking from store to store looking for deals on all of the items on their list. Now, with the help of this innovative new marketplace, shoppers can fix up their wardrobe, refurnish their home, and even pick up a new cell phone case, all in one convenient location.