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Davidshallsgatan 14, 211 45 Malmö, Sweden
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From simple beginnings to a mega store for Scandinavian designers, APlace has grown quickly since 2007 to be a stop for those looking for new brands or marketing their new brands. Before APlace was a store there was ODD At Large, the fashion magazine, then the +46 event during Stockholm’s fashion week. At this event up and coming designers were invited to showcase their creations at fashion shows, parties, and other various activities. Since 2007 they have been operating as the store we know today. And what a store it is!

The buyers at APlace truly get to know their brands and designers and even showcase stories about them on their site. For example a graphic designer Siri Carlén who they highlight on their site for her intense work with her hands. She draws all of her designs by hand and the result is tantalizing. It is this commitment to understanding their designers that makes APlace stand out among competitors.

APlace has everything you need from brilliant local designers as well as over 50 renowned fashion brands. From coats and jackets to pyjamas and sunglasses, APlace stocks collections for men, women, and children to be kept in the best styles. Their brands use fun colors, alluring fabrics and classically stylish designs to keep the wearer at the height of fashion. Their collections change with the seasons so there is always something fresh and exciting to find here.

You could spend hours browsing through the amazing selection at this store. When you leave you would surely have purchased an entirely new wardrobe complete with shoes and accessories.