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Östra Förstadsgatan 18, Malmö, Sverige
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For most, Syrian food is not something often thought about. After one visit to Ayam Dimashq this will change. The food is elegant and flavorful. The staff is responsive, quick, and friendly. Entering this restaurant feels like walking into a relative’s house. You are instantly comfortable and ready to relax. The smells take your mind on an adventure as you lie back on the couches and enjoy a mint tea.

Most will come in for a unique treat for dinner on a night out but, having tasted the authentic flavors of the Syrian cuisine, they return again and again. While the food is affordable, the lunch buffet is the best value at the restaurant. You can sample over 20 different dishes, most of which you may have never heard of. These include fatayer, a middle eastern meat pie, and malobe, a Syrian style rice dish served with chicken or made vegetarian. Each dish is made with fresh ingredients and prepared with the passion of someone that truly cares about the experience of the customer.

Since Syrian food is not the most widely served and available ethnic cuisine, yet, you may be intimidated by the strange and exotic dishes you find on the menu. This is not a problem at Ayam Dimashq, as the staff here are educated and ready to offer their advice to anyone that is unsure of what to order. Their recommendations can be trusted and are always on point.