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Scaniaplatsen 3, Malmö, Sverige
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When thinking of an Italian vacation, perhaps gelato by the seaside springs to mind. Or maybe a hot cup of well-roasted espresso paired with a piece of tiramisu or a sandwich/salad combo. If you happen to be looking for that southern European feel without taking the time and money to fly to mother Italy, we recommend you check out the charming café; Bar Italia. Malmo locals flock to this cute seaside bar during nice weather when they want to take a break from the fast-paced life downtown, and get a taste of something slower or perhaps just different.
This family-friendly establishment with an ocean view is the perfect local for weekend lunch with the kids, or perhaps a delicious Italian beer with the co-workers after a long day at the office. You won’t regret indulging in an Italian soda or gelato at this bonafide authentic café offering Malmo a taste of Italy.

While Bar Italia may not be on the list for patrons on a budget, it does provide every bit of value with their extensive menu of classic southern Europeans specialties. If you arrive in the morning after a seaside stroll, order a pastry and coffee from their skilled baristas while you watch the sunrise play on for you over the horizon. Afternoon visitors should try one of the dozen or so gelato favors if you have had your lunch, that it. Evening patrons can choose from their wide selection of beer and wine from various locals all over the Italian peninsula.