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Västra Varvsgatan 42, Malmö, Sverige
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Bon Ici is a perfect place to get lunch during a day of sightseeing. It is right next to the Turning Torso and great for an elegant and filling meal.
The patio is lovely and comfortable in most temperatures due to their heaters. The inside is also beautiful and simply decorated.
The lunch menu here changes regularly so you are always delighted with a new treat. This is because they use what is available fresh and in season. Their regular plates include a cauliflower risotto, salad with hand scaled shrimp and egg, or chicken Caesar. On the weekly special menu you could be enjoying pan streak with eggs on Monday, in the middle of the week you will have a Thai dish, and by Friday you can feel at home with the meatballs in cream sauce. If you’d like to know ahead of time, you can check online for the daily specials which are updated regularly.
The staff here is always ready to help their guests. They offer the best suggestions as they know each dish on the menu well. They are attentive and super friendly, making you feel right at home while you dine and enjoy the weather either on the patio or through the clear windows.
Being in such close proximity to the Turning Torso, they have built a great relationship with the people there. They offer catering options to those hosting conferences or other events in the building. You can contact the restaurant for details or check online.