borg design vase
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Snapperupsgatan 2B, Malmö, Sverige
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There is something so unique and lovely about a piece of furniture, jewelry, or art that has withstood the tests of time. These rare pieces are often so hard to find. Luckily, in Malmö there is a place where pieces such as these are collected, displayed, and sold.
The antique enthusiasts at Borg Design, Åsa, Stefan and Ulla are passionate about art and architecture and happy to share this passion with you. Their specialties include Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Scandinavian ceramics, furniture, and glass.
You can find a wide variety of the designs they have collected online. They have many bowls, vases, and figurines but also larger items like carpets, paintings, and dining sets.
Most items for sale have a description of the item that generally includes a date and location where the item was produced.
They participate in many antique fairs across the country including Brösarp, Stockholm, and Helsingborg. At these fairs they display their items with pride while discussing their rich history with other enthusiasts. The fairs also give them a chance to discover new collections and add to their own.
If you would like to see what they have to offer you can check online where they have many items for purchase. They also post which fairs and exhibitions they will be participating in if you would like to see them in person. To check out the entire collection you can make an appointment to visit the shop itself.