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Baltzarsgatan 25, 211 36 Malmö, Sweden
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The award-winning, Scotland-based craft beer brewery opened their fourth Swedish bar in Malmö back in 2016. Located simply five minutes from the Central Station, a short walk east of Gustav Adolfs Torg will lead you this two-floor, twenty-tap craft beer spot that is perfect for those who want to vamp out your regular after work catch up.
BrewDog Malmö serves up the freshest BrewDog beer, as well as a series of curated guest brews – often sourced from right here in Malmö, or at times sourced from other regions of the world. If you’re hungry, the bar also serves a series of amazing burgers, hot dogs, delicious sides and snacks to pair with your beer of choice or to take home.
As if all these aren’t enough, the bar is packed with epic multiple pastime activities. This include foosball and plenty of board games. Now you know where to go this weekend!