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Bergsgatan 24, Malmö, Sverige
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The bright bar and grill is a place where you can get a nice piece of steak for a decent price. It is not the place to go if you are looking for the best quality food or atmosphere. But, I really can’t say too many bad things about what we tasted there. The only bad thing we put in our mouths that night were some soggy mashed potatoes. Luckily for me, those were not my potatoes and I did not have to try to finish eating them. Seriously though everything else was well cooked, well-seasoned, well presented and delicious.

However, just a word to the wise, they are not totally English friendly, but there are a few people there that can help you if you don’t speak Swedish. You just got to hope that they’re working while you are there. One of my favorite things that we had to eat that night was the tiramisu.  The restaurant is very small, and cozy and it is great for having dinner with 2 to 4 people. The service is really excellent, you’ll have no problems with that. They also happen to run deals and various apps and sites so keep your eyes out for discounts or special nights.