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Malmborgsgatan 7, 211 38 Malmö, Sverige
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The night does not truly start until you enter Club Privé Malmö. This club has been a hot spot for years in Malmö and shows no signs of slowing down. Why is it so popular? Beautiful people, delicious drinks, great music, and fun dancing to just name a few reasons.

If you go Club Privé and see a line outside, you must understand that there is a line because the experience is worth the wait. Upon entering the club your heart starts pumping and you can feel in the air that your night is going to rapidly improve. Order a drink at one of the five different bars and begin to unwind and feel yourself.

What makes Privé so different is the variety of atmospheres you will find. You can start enjoying the house music or top hits on one of the many dance floors or head upstairs and find a completely new vibe. So, whether you are looking to dance the night away or have a relaxed night meeting new people or chatting with friends, you will find what you are looking for here at Club Privé.

They have regular events posted on their Facebook page so if you are wondering what you will find here any given weekend all you need to do is check in online. Not that this is necessary, because if you are at Club Privé you know what you’ll find…a good time.