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Norra Parkgatan 2, 214 22 Malmö
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Cool Minds is a science center in the heart of Malmö for kids and teenagers. Here you can throw birthday parties, take evening courses, learn exciting things, or just pop by if you want to do something fun during the weekend. Cool Minds offer activities within chemistry, biology, electronics, technology, IT, programming, film and more. 

A creative workshop where you can make pottery and candles is open for drop in for everyone. You can make candles in the most colorful colors to brighten up your day. In the pottery section you choose color and design for your plate, bowl or figure. Once you’re happy with your piece, Cool Minds will burn it in their oven for you. Then, in a couple of days, you can come back and paint it! They will then burn it again, and you can come back to bring it home!

In the biology corner you can find insects, anatomy dolls, building kits in molecular formula and an enlarged cell. You can take fingerprints and have a closer look at them in a microscope. Cool Minds also has 3 giant snail pets in the biology corner named Snape, Nigel and Slime. 

If you’re a company or an association who’s interested in having a different kind of kick-off, then Cool Minds can customize an event. Have a meeting while building with 4D frames. Produce your own documentary or stop-motion film. Or build a robot to join your team. There are plenty if ideas!

These are just a couple of things you can do here. And they sound exciting, don’t they? Book a class, birthday or grab your bag and go for that drop in today!