Gokart City Malmö
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Lantmannagatan 59D, 214 48 Malmö
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Go kart racing has been a long time favorite pastime of children and adults alike for many years. It’s a fun activity for a party, great for team building, date nights, or even just passing the time on an otherwise boring week day.

Unfortunately, many go kart tracks are outside, making the activity only accessible in good weather. Luckily for those in Malmö Gokartcity has taken the fun inside with tracks that can be enjoyed year round.

You can come here any day of the week and challenge friends, family, and coworkers for rounds and rounds of excitement. They have a wide variety of packages available from simple and quick races to in depth serious tournaments.

You can book the track and meeting room for a special event or party. You bring your own food and drinks to enjoy after your races or the staff can help you arrange a food delivery with Restaurant FEED.

All of the packages include safety training and equipment reviews. You will become familiar with the machine and even pick up a few tips and techniques to improve your race times. If you are serious about becoming the best you can also come to the go cart school on Sundays for special training.

After the races, and of course the award ceremonies, you can wash off and relax in the shower and sauna area. If you’re not quite ready to cool down you can try your hand, or more accurately your foot, at the simulator kicking penalty shots.