Höllviken Paintball Arena Malmö
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Skegrievägen 75-20, 236 91 Höllviken
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Paintball is a great excuse to get outside, get dirty, and practice your shooting and warfare skills. You may have a whole team to go with or just a few good friends. Everyone is welcome at Höllviken Paintball Arena.

This huge arena is open to the public during the warm seasons for shooting practice and simulation activities. It is a very popular place among paintball enthusiasts and beginners alike so reservations are strongly recommended.

You can come with a private group like a bachelor or bachelorette party, team building for work, or birthday. They offer a variety of courses for game play like Border Control, Storming of Normandy, and the Artifact Millennium course. Each comes with its own set of obstacles and challenges apart from the skills of your opposing team.

The Artifact Millennium course is a  classic set up with several bunkers placed throughout the field and evenly matched teams. Game play is fast paced and intense as you run from bunker to bunker dodging shots and hopefully getting a few off yourself.

Storming Normandy is exactly what it sounds like. You are taken back through history to the fateful battle on Normandy Beach, facing off against the Nazis. You can plan the attack beforehand using the maps and tactics provided and see how your team would fare.

Finally, the Border control scenario puts you at the border of the U.S. and Mexico fighting drug cartels and smugglers. You are the last line of defense for the American people, keep them safe.