Hylliebadet Malmö Simhall
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Hyllievångsvägen 20, 216 25 Malmö
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Swimming is a great full body exercise and wonderful physical therapy if you are recovering from an injury. It is also the perfect activity for families to enjoy together on a day out.

From a hot summer day where you need to cool off to an ice cold winter day looking to get inside and work off some of that built up energy, Hylliebadet is the place to be.

They have several options for swimming and activities here to fit any family and budget. You can purchase a card for one day use or something for your family or business to come again and again.

The staff here is very attentive and the safety of their guests is the top priority. In fact all children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. They also have shallower pools with more activities for little ones. You can come here to swim laps as private practice or race friends, as long as you are respectful of the rules and other guests. They even offer group training and exercise programs like water Yoga and boxing.

There are even more options for exercise and relaxation here than swimming and floating. There is also a gym with weights and aerobic machines for those that want more than swimming to reach their fitness goals. Finally, after a long swim or workout there is nothing more liberating than sitting back in the sauna and feeling the release of all of your tense muscles.