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Jägersrovägen 177, 213 75 Malmö, Sweden
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You think you can tell what you are going to get just by reading the name of this place, but they give you so much more than you expect. It is far more than just a few trampolines. You can plan a birthday party, bring the kids in to jump while you get a coffee, or come in and practice parkour and acrobatics on your own.
The parties include a private room for a portion of the party and free jump for the rest of the party time. It also includes some food and coffee, socks for all the jumpers, and a gift from staff.
During the free jump you can test out several different types of trampolines. Each option gives you a different type of jump. Some are built for speed, some for height, and some to practice parkour moves as if you are on regular surfaces. Each one is unique and exciting so whether you are here to just have fun flying through the air into a foam pit or to improve your skills, they have something for you.
If you are here for building your athletic abilities they have a special obstacle course just for this. You can race friends or do the course multiple times to race yourself. If you’re in a group, get a team together for some dodge ball or basketball.
Finally, once you’re done jumping or if you need a break, you can get a tasty and affordable bite in the cafe, and don’t forget to get hydrated while you’re there.