Klättercenter Skåne Malmö
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Kopparbergsgatan 8, 214 44 Malmö
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There are many reasons to try indoor rock climbing. Maybe you are practicing for an intense backpacking and climbing trip, maybe you want the exercise, or maybe you just need to try something new. Everyone is welcome at Klättercentret Skåne no matter what the reason for the visit. The friendly and experienced staff here can help climbers at any experience level and have all the tools you need for your best climb.

The center is great for those coming in for regular exercise as they have monthly packages that allow you to climb all month for one fixed price. If you are planning a party or team building experience, they have you covered here as well. There are packages for children and adults that include climbing assistance and even food.

For inexperienced climbers, they offer courses that teach you the ins and outs of the sport and prepare you to climb at a more advanced level. Once you are comfortable with the basics you can move on to the more technical training sessions or just practice privately with other enthusiasts.

The staff creates a welcoming and no pressure environment for all climbers. When you come here regularly you begin to feel like part of the family with other regular climbers and staff.

As with any exercise, hydrating and refueling are super important. The center includes a cafe with tasty treats like pastas, soups, and smoothies. Many of the options are vegan or vegetarian and gluten free for allergy sufferers.