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Laserdome Malmö, Drottninggatan 1, 212 11 Malmö, Sverige
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Laserdome Malmö is absolutely as thrilling a place as it sounds. With 25 years of experience in delighting adventurers, they are sure to have something exciting for your next get together.

They have a variety of fun experiences for children and adults, with great party packages. There is, of course, laser tag. However, they also have a ridiculously fun Gladiator Fight and hilarious yet intense Prison Island to experience along with great space for birthday parties and work retreats.

The laser tag is a rush of adrenaline as you dash through dark halls and over obstacles seeking out your enemies for destruction. You can come with your own teams or play against others that have come to battle. All games are played with state of the art equipment and safety guidelines are reviewed and enforced during each melee.

On Prison Island you have a set amount of time to solve problems within your cell and escape the prison before it is too late. There are 25 cells to work through, each with its own mind boggling clues and riddles. See how your friends perform under pressure while you rely on each other to escape your fate.

Finally, the Gladiator Fight is a mix of sumo wrestling, ninja warrior, rodeo bull riding, and so much more. You choose your activities and spend the afternoon laughing harder than you ever have and creating memories that will not soon be forgotten.

After all your activities, there are showers and saunas available as well as snack and drinks to refuel.