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Djäknegatan 2, 211 35 Malmö, Sverige
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Getting out and getting active has never been easier. Thanks to the diverse selection at Löplabbet you can get everything you need for running and hiking in one place. You may be just starting your fitness journey or training for your ninth  marathon, the selection and staff here can get you out on the road or in the gym feeling better than ever.

Their focus in the store is making sure you are comfortable and healthy when you are training. They meet this goal by stocking their shelves with the latest trends and technology specialized for runners. This means everything from clothes and shoes to GPS trackers and accessories.

When you come in for shoes you can start with their sizing program using the Löplabbet Method. The specialists here will begin with an in depth conversation about you, your training habits, injuries, and goals. Next they take a look at your feet, finding strong and weak points and focusing in areas of strain. Then they look at the whole body, checking out mobility and coordination. Finally, they focus on your ankles, knees, and hips to get a better idea of what you will need during training.

After gathering all of this information they are able to make educated suggestions regarding shoe types and accessories that will work specifically for you. They can show you shoes, inserts, and wraps that may make you more comfortable on your run. Armed with this information you can begin shopping and find the perfect shoes for your training adventure.