Malmö Aquarium
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Malmöhusvägen 6, Malmö, Sweden
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Welcome to the new and twice the aquarium. Discover the amazing ways to find food, hide or cheat animals. Meet fish, reptiles, spiders and other cold-blooded animals eye to eye.

See Nemo and his friends from coral reefs, fish-free-eyed and poison-arms with the world’s longest fangs.

The aquarium is divided into three sections:

Our water

Here is everything you need to know about the frog’s transformation and the eel’s way to the Sargasso Sea. Why is musslan called a living treatment plant? Did you know that swimming swords and rocks in our Swedish waters?

Unique and threatened environments

All life in nature is important and valuable. Several of the animals in the aquarium are extra special for their natural homes being destroyed.

What can we do to preserve the animals and the environment in which they live? Come here and learn more!

The amazing features of the animal

Discover the fun and smart ways fish and reptiles use to survive. Geckoödlan climbs on glass. The rockfish fishes with their own meteor. The harmless milk node looks like the toxic coral shape. How does it happen? Which animals jump highest, running fastest, are poisonous? Welcome here for a discovery trip!