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Malmö Castle was built back in 1434 by Eric of Pomerania, king of Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The location of the castle was strategic and of great importance. The west part of the city was protected and shipping traffic on the southern part of the Öresund monitored. Today, the castle has been restored in the spirit of the 16th century. It’s the place of Malmö Museum, which is the largest museum in southern Sweden. 

What can I do at Malmö Museum?

As mentioned above, Malmö castle is a part of the museum. During a stroll through the castle you’ll get to know a lot of history. Not only about the castle, but also about Skåne. Explore the history of the plague, the castle’s cannon balls and the siege of Malmö. 

When you feel enlightened enough by the history of Malmö, then rest your eyes on the creatures in the Aquarium. Discover the animals fascinating ways to find food, hiding or deceiving others. Meet spiders, reptiles, fish, and other cold blooded animals eye to an eye. Discover Nemo and his friends from the coral reefs, fish without eyes and a poisonous snake with the world’s longest fangs. The Aquarium is divided into three sections; Our water, Unique and threatened environments and  The amazing features of the animals.

There is usually an exhibition held at the Malmö Museum, the themes may vary, but they are all just as interesting. If you want to know what exhibition is taking place during your visit, read more here. 

Malmö Museum is a place for everyone. Bring your family, a friend, or have an adventurous stroll on your own. If you get hungry during your visit, there is a restaurant inside the museum, next to the main entrance. You can also find cafes and restaurant right outside the castle, such as Kommendanthusets Café.