Malmö Pistolklubb
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Flygfältsvägen 11, 212 39 Malmö
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Since 1940 Pistolklubb has been an easy choice for shooting enthusiasts. They started with a small group shooting of eight shooting air guns and in 1943 joined the Swedish Pistol Shooter Association and began sharp shooting. Having built their large shooting range in 1985 the club’s members quickly grew and recently they have acquired even more weapons, which means more members.

They currently offer training sessions and regular competitions in field shooting, precision shooting, and sports shooting. The members of the club participate in the internal competitions regularly and at a higher level when possible. Their weaponry ranges from air rifles to pistols to archery and events can be easily found on their website.

They have indoor and outdoor ranges, depending on what is available and the type of weaponry. They also welcome those from all experience levels and have opportunities for youth and beginners to train with veterans of the sport.

The club is aware that this is a dangerous activity and is serious about safety and security as well. Measures have been taken to be certain that everyone who enters the club is as safe as possible during training and competitions and proper safety gear is worn. They provide training to ensure that all members are fully trained and understand how to use the weapons they are working with and even the veteran shooters are closely monitored. Online and throughout the facility you can find all of the rules and regulations regarding keeping the facility as safe as possible.