Masala House Malmö
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Baltzarsgatan 12, Malmö, Sweden
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There are not a lot of Indian restaurants in Malmo. This might be due to the fact that Swedish cuisine and therefore Swedish taste buds are pretty far from these spice heavy, richly flavored types of dishes that one typically finds in Indian cuisine. Whenever a cuisine is brought from one country to another, there is a certain amount of tampering that happens to suit the taste of the home country. Masala House is definitely a restaurant that falls into this category of changing itself to suit the taste of the locals. Unlike many Indian restaurants that I have been to, the menu is limited to about 5 items as well as a couple of sets for lunch. Their dishes are extremely sauce oriented therefore I recommend getting a small side of rice or nan to soak up all that sauce. Everything we personally had was well cooked and a little bit mild for our taste. However, after experiencing that to the staff they brought us two complimentary dishes that were definitely up to our spice standard for good quality Indian food. A lot of the times Indian restaurants are quite expensive in foreign countries, however, Masala House sets itself apart by being an affordable Indian restaurant. I particularly found their lunch pricing to be very fair. One thing I wished they did differently was that they didn’t have Indian lager. When I was traveling in Asia I always tried to match the food with the beer, sadly I was not able to do this in Masala House.