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Baltzarsgatan 18, 211 36 Malmö, Sverige
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Fitness is about doing what’s right for your body. After all, it’s the only body we get and we should take care of it. If you are training for a competition, trying to get in shape for a special event, or just trying to do what’s right for your body,  you need to get into MM Sports.

The shop carries a great assortment of clothes, accessories, food, and supplements for every type of fitness program. The staff here is knowledgeable about the products as well as health and fitness. They understand that each person has a different body and lifestyle and what works for one customer will not work for the next. They use this understanding to get to know each customer and better meet their needs.

In store and online you can find a huge selection of fitness products. Their clothes are stylish and comfortable. They are made from breathable fabrics by the top brands in fitness like Body Science, Adidas, and their own line MM Sports.They stock everything you need for running, boxing, and weight lifting. This includes shirts pants, underwear, gloves and shoes.

They even have all the accessories you could want to go with your workout. This means products like weights, belts, safety equipment, and hydration accessories. The support doesn’t stop there either.

They understand that hard work and training means nothing without the proper diet. So, they also provide the best selection of supplements, beverages, and specialized food that target what you are trying to get from your workout.