popopoppa pizza malmö
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Simrishamnsgatan 3, Malmö, Sweden
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Opopoppa! Say that three times fast. Ok, now have a slice and a beer and say it three times again. All joking aside, Opopoppa slices are no joke and neither is their beer selection or the playlist. 

The menu changes regularly so the owners, David and Calum, are keeping things fresh as can be. Located on Simrishamnsgatan 3, just behind Möllevångstorget, Opopoppa has a vibe and menu that will keep you coming back.

The slice concept dates back as long as pizza does but the ingredients list hints at new nordic and classic mediterranean combos that offer a range of flavor you can not find anywhere else in Malmö.

Don’t miss out on the house made aioli to dip your crust in and if you can not make your mind up on a drink then let the taste masters at Opopoppa decide your pairing.