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Plantmagic's Kitchen, Storgatan, Malmö, Sverige
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The name of this restaurant does a great job of explaining what happens in the kitchen. The food is mostly vegan and vegetarian which is one of the many reasons they call it magic, as even the most enthusiastic meat lover can’t turn down their dishes. And not to worry meat eaters, they do have some dishes featuring meat as well.

The menu changes regularly as they focus on the freshest raw ingredients that can be found locally. They also love to create new and exciting dishes. In the past, tasty treats like bacon polenta or cauliflower with mung beans, blackberries and oats have appeared on the menu with much excitement from regulars and staff. All of the dishes are as beautiful as they are delicious with bright greens, rich deep purples, and all the other vibrant colors you come to expect from fresh fruits and vegetables.

The dining area is comfortable and and cosy. There is plenty of room for seating and a playful use of color throughout the restaurant. You can sit back and relax on your lunch break or take advantage of the quick and reliable service and get your food to go and enjoy it at the office.

If you do decide to stay, you can chat with the staff about all their wonderful food ideas. They are passionate about making the best quality and mot unique dishes in town. They hope to use this passion to drive others to do the same, but for now they are one of a kind.