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Opens 53m
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Gustaf Rydbergsgatan 9B, 217 55 Malmö, Sverige
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Pizza night is a favorite event for people of all ages. Some of your earliest memories may be slumber parties or family game nights with tasty pizza and sides. The cuisine brings people together and inspires lively conversation and memorable experiences.

Pizza night at Portobello Pizza Ristorante is no exception to this. The food is unbelievably tasty and made with fresh ingredients and loving care. The owners have been in the restaurant business for years and are excited to bring to life the fantastic flavors of the Mediterranean right here in Malmö.

On the menu you will find classics like Margherita, Cacciatore, and Venezia. They also have pizzas that highlight the flavors of Sweden like the Oxfile Pizza with ox fillet, mushrooms, bearnaise sauce, onion and black pepper.

The magic does not stop at pizza either. They have a great variety of flatbreads, pastas, salads, and even grilled entrees available as well. Most of the dishes feature the flavors you have come to expect from Mediterranean foods. These include ripe tomatoes, creamy cheeses, and of course savory mushrooms.

The restaurant is perfectly suited for family get togethers, intimate date nights, and meetings with friends. There is a great patio area outside where you can enjoy your meal and drinks or indoors for a more cosy setting. You can surround yourself with the mouth watering aromas that fill the air and sit back in sweet anticipation of the meal you are about to devour.