Malmö Royal Sportbar Biljard Shuffleboard
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Ystadsgatan 53A, 214 44 Malmö
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The Royal Sport Bar has everything you need for an exciting night out with friends. You can come here with a group and play all night or come alone and make new friends. The food is great, the games are top notch, and the beers and cocktails are always just right.

The atmosphere of the bar is lively and exciting. There are always groups of friends hanging out, playing the games, and catching up over drinks. The upbeat vibe means you can come together with many different people and have a memorable night. As an added bonus, a night here won’t drain your wallet either as the food, drinks, and games are all reasonably priced.

Games include pool, shuffleboard, and snooker. If you don’t know how to play when you come in, all you need to do is relax near the game you want to learn and you will pick it up quickly enough. The customers and staff are always ready to teach a novice a few tricks here and there, making sure everyone is having a great time.

The menu has all the classics you would hope to find at a sports bar. This means a variety of burgers, fish and chips, nachos, and even a few sandwiches. The food is fantastically prepared and offered in filing portions. The Royal Sport Bar is a great place for people looking for affordable food, entertainment, and tasty drinks all in one place.