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Baltzarsgatan 31, 211 36 Malmö, Sverige
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Running has so many proven health benefits. From burning calories to strengthening muscles and joints, it is one of the few full body workouts that can be done by just about anyone, anywhere in the world. However, runners know that without the right footwear, it can be difficult to keep going.

Thanks to Runners Store the right footwear is easy to find and super affordable. They stock the best brands and the latest trends in running shoes for all types of terrain and purposes.

When you come to the store you can make an appointment for an evaluation with one of their many orthopedic technicians. During your review they will test your foot beds and scan your feet to produce a 3D image. From this image the specialists can evaluate any injuries, strong points or weak points. With this information you can discuss options for footwear or support that will give you your most comfortable run ever.

While shoes are the bedrock for a comfortable run, they offer much more at this store. They also carry clothes and accessories that runners can’t live without. This includes gear for men and women; everything from undergarments to jackets and sweaters.

Don’t forget about all the accessories you need like hydration systems, dietary supplements, and backpacks. They also have great electronics like heart rate watches and GPS trackers. If you are a regular shopper here you can sign up for a membership and get special offers and promotions on your favorite products.