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Skateboarding is a very popular sport throughout Malmö. Enthusiasts for the sport have a deep respect for the city they skate in and work hard to ensure there are safe and fun places to ride.  Stapelbäddsparken is one such place and has been for over 10 years.

Located in the old disused shipyard, the park has a variety of bowls and street inspired obstacles to skate on. It is a large park with a great view of the Turning Torso and a chill atmosphere for anyone to come and skate.

The park was started in collaboration with the city to create a space for young people to meet up and do what they enjoy. The skateable sculptures are moved from time to time in order to create a more challenging space and more diversity for the skaters. There are even benches to rest on or for those that just come to watch.

There are also plenty of activities held in the park and groups that meet here regularly. The groups include children learning to skate, female skate groups, and professionals training for events.

Throughout the year you will find special events and competitions happening in the park as well. Some events they have had in the past include vert competitions, the Swedish Miniramp Championship, skate film festivals, and art exhibitions.

It seems like there is always something going on here. Even when there are no events you can always come skate and meet new people that share your love of the sport.