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Badvägen, 218 54 Klagshamn, Sverige
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The summer season brings all types of visitors to Malmö and so many fun summer adventures. With the abundance of water surrounding the city, it is no surprise that most summer memories are made out on the sea. For those that love adventure and building their athletic abilities Surf Club Klågshamn has a variety of great summer adventures ready for the taking.

It is a great place for both beginners and experienced kite surfers. This is due to the combination of a perfect location, knowledgeable staff, and excellent facilities and equipment.

They are located on Klagshamnsudden’s southern shore in the middle of a nature reserve. This means you get beautiful surroundings in addition to a safe and exciting place to surf. The water is fairly shallow around the banks making it a great place for beginners to learn. Also, the western onshore winds provide the possibility of long distance surfing along the shore.

The staff here is happy to go over all of the technical factors that make this area the ideal spot windsurfing in Malmö. They are all experienced in the sport and share their knowledge with all who wish to learn. They offer regular classes for beginners as well as special events and activities for club members.

The facilities are well equipped and clean with showers, a large patio, kitchen, storage areas, and private changing rooms. The club is the perfect place to come and socialize with other windsurfing enthusiasts, make friends, and pick up a few tips and tricks.