Best in Malmö - The Barber Cave
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The Barber Cave, Lundavägen, Malmö, Sweden
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Right off Värnhem square lies the Barber Cave, a neighbourhood barber shop run by the owner and main barber, Basel. Basel has been cutting hair for 17 years and has learned just about all the tricks of the trade. I stopped in for a hair cut and got the full treatment, well as far as I could since I do not have a beard. Basel shaped me up on top and did not skip over the details. After getting a haircut I got a hot wax treatment on my cheeks, nose and ears. I am not a particularly hairy guy, hence the lack of beard, so the hot wax to tidy up stray hairs was a first for me.

Scary at first, I was anxious the hot wax in the nose was going to hurt one hundred times more than pulling one hair with tweezers would but to my surprise it didn’t hurt at all so I recommend all you guys to get your nose cleaned up the next time to have the chance to get hot wax at a barber. The wax is not exactly hot and actually feels warm and soothing when applied and with a quick jerk the process is over and your nose, ears and cheeks are feeling squeaky clean. Along with a shaping of the eye brows, another thing I had never experienced, I felt like a new man walking up the stairs out of the Barber Cave.

Basel’s long experience cutting hair and serving customers is obvious in his gracious nature and you feel in good hands. The barber cave feels like the kind of place you can relax in and I was even offered a coffee while we got started. In the short time I was at the Barber Cave, I was in and out in under 30 minutes, I could tell that Basel was a popular barber since he was taking calls through his ear piece and getting bookings for the coming hours and days. His assistant was writing down the bookings and keeping his work space tidy the entire time and I could tell that Basel was a busy guy but he made sure to pay attention to every detail and did not leave a single stray hair on my head.

If you are in the Värnhem, Malmö, area and could use a haircut or just want to feel like the best version of you then take a step down into the Barber Cave and step up and out refreshed and ready for a date.