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Södra Förstadsgatan 41, 211 46 Malmö
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The Body Shop started in Brighton, England, 1976. The founder Dame Anita Roddick began mixing her own products and infusing them with a new idea: that business could be a force for good. Following her vision, for 40 years The Body Shop never faking and change making.

Never afraid to stand out from the crowd and stand up for what’s right, The Body Shop search the world for the finest ethically-sourced ingredients to create a range of naturally-inspired beauty products.

They made it a mission to enrich  products, people and planet. That means working fairly with their farmers and suppliers and helping communities thrive through our Community Trade programme, being 100% vegetarian and always and forever being firmly against animal testing.

All stores are joined in the Global Blue which add benefit for tourist outside of EU.

There are currently six The body shop stores in Malmö and they are located at Södra förstadsgatan 19 and at the malls Triangeln, Emporia, Hansa, Mobilia and Burlöv Center.