The Clay Lab Malmö
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Opens 3h 55m
Opens 3h 55m
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Amiralsgatan 18, 211 55 Malmö, Sverige
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Who doesn’t love the scene in Ghost where Patrick Swayze sits behind Demi Moore and guides her hands while she works on her clay pot and the Righteous Brothers sing “Unchained Melody”? The scene is iconic, sensual, and sexy. It brings out the artist and the potter in all of us.

Now, there is no guarantee that your time at The Clay Lab will be as wildly romantic as this movie scene, but at the very least you will enjoy a unique experience and have a souvenir with which you can remember it. The Clay Lab offers regular courses and workshops on crafting ceramics. They are available for birthday parties, group events, or just an evening of ceramics.

The Clay Lab was started and is run by potting enthusiast, Stella Brudin. She welcomes potters from all levels of experience from beginner to expert and imparts her wisdom on all of those involved in her classes.

The courses in pottery are not the only ways to enjoy Stella’s talents. While first time potters may not make the most dazzling items, even with Stella’s adept instruction, everyone can still go home with a custom handmade piece of art. Stella sells her own creations in the shop and they are truly one of a kind. They have playful captions and rich beautiful colors. Many of these works, like coffee cups and plates, are also available online. Be sure to check them all out on Instagram and Facebook.