The Wellness Room Malmö Skåne
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Regementsgatan 14, 211 42 Malmö
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All of us love relaxing from time to time, don’t we? The Wellness Room offers it all! The spa complex located in Malmö is one of a kind. It isn’t only a spa center, it is also a shop offering different varieties of skin care products, beauty products, etc.
The website also provides tips related to make up and wedding services, for the lovely birds out there planing their big day!

As we said the complex offers it all, but what does that mean. Below you will see some of the procedures The Wellness Room offer, since there is a large variety of them:

  • Acupuncture
    • The first session (about 60 minutes) costs 600:-.
    • Every following session costs 330: – per time.
  • Zen coaching
    • The price of each 60 min lesson is 500: -. 
  • Facial treatment
    • Classic face treatment
      • 90 min, 780: –
    • Deep Cleaning
      • 60 min, 680: –
  • Body Treatment
    • Classic full body massage
      • 60 min, 640: –
    • Back massage
      • 30 min, 400: –

As mentioned above, The Wellness Room is a complex which all offers a lot of treatments for your body and face. Procedures like this are essential since they can boost your mood and help you relax, clean all of the stress and concentrate on the feature that lies ahead of you!