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Mattonbutiken Malmö is an office supply store. They sell all of your office and simple paint needs at a discounted rate and also supply local businesses with their essentials via delivery service. The store is well laid out and easy to find what you are looking for if you are in a hurry. I ran in there one weekday after searching frantically for a special kind of protractor my boss had asked me to purchase on a whim. Before walking in there I had no idea whether I would even find what I was looking for or whether I was even in a right kind of store. I didn’t have to ask the associates for assistance.

I could just read the signs and find what I needed quickly. You can also get isles and paint as well as a variety of stencils that might be useful for architectural design or graphic design. They have some really good discount and coupon on their website. So if you want to save some money, I highly recommend you checking the website out before you go and visit them. If you are a local business nearby the store, you should definitely inquire about their supply-delivery service. If you set it up as a regular shipment that might be another way you can use Mattonbutiken Malmö to save some money.