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Anckargripsgatan 3, Malmö, Sverige
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Minc Co-working Space is the startup house of Malmo. This unique office offers absolutely anything and everything an entrepreneur needs to go from concept to market in-house. Their international networks of advisers and acclaimed programs have the means to help your startup scale smarter and faster. Minc operates in five main capacities, first as a lounge where they provide regular café and co-working services. It’s a great place to meet other people involved in the Malmo startup scene from students to budding entrepreneurs to seasoned professionals. Everyone and anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit is welcomed to come work from here. The second capacity in which they operate is as scaled up workspace. They have every kind of desk you could want from dedicated offices to hot desks.

You’re guaranteed to find what you need at Minc. Thirdly, Minc is a phenomenal startup lab. Startup lab is Minc’s free of charge co-working for any entrepreneurs with scalable startup ideas. They offer this for up to 6 months and all the coffee you can drink free of charge. Forth, the Minc Incubator is for companies that are past the startup lab phase and are a team with an innovative idea that is beginning to get traction but still need help with reduced rent rates and business coaching. It includes pitch and skills training, networking sessions. Finally Minc offers a program called Fast-track Malmo. Minc’s accelerator program is a cohort-based and hosts 5-7 startups annually. The program includes investment of 35000-70000kr from some of Southern Sweden’s most prominent business angels. For more than 15 years Minc has been helping entrepreneurs in Southern Sweden turn Malmo into hot bed for innovations. It has helped the city surpass Northern European giants like Oslo and Helsinki in terms of raised venture capital.