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Lilla torg 1, Malmö, Sverige
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Located in the middle of the square, the Moosehead Bar & Restaurant is great for people watching and being at the center of everything exciting happening in the city of Malmo. They have a wide selection of beer and wine, and an expert team of bartenders ready to make whatever cocktail your heart (or palate) desires. Concerning food, they have a wide variety of cuisine from traditional pub food to Thai! Their main course dishes include; Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes, oven baked Char, steak, burgers, a vegetarian burger, and Pad Thai. This restaurant is perfect for large groups of people with different tastes, as you can tell from their selection of main course dishes. Though Pad Thai and steak may sound like an unusual combination, we promise it’s one you won’t regret.

A favorite even among the locals, it is also the perfect stop for travelers hoping to have a pleasant conversation with locals, or just to politely enjoy your companions’ company for an evening or afternoon. If you aren’t sure what to drink, be sure to have a conversation with your server or bartender, the Moosehead Bar & Restaurant have famously friendly staff who are happy to help you make the right choice.

You can sit outside or inside, be aware they do allow smoking at the outside tables, so if you’re sensitive to the smell, I suggest you either sit inside or look around to see if your neighbors are lighting up. Fridays and Saturdays can get very busy at the Moosehead, so call ahead to reserve a table if the weather is good.