moriska paviljongen bistro
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Norra Parkgatan 2, Malmö, Sverige
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With fresh ingredients, an exciting menu and courteous staff, the Moriska Pavilion Bistro shows that it is not only their location that the guests like. There are few places that are so tempting to spend a sunny summer day at Moriskan Bistro’s outdoor seating.
Overlooking the Folkets Park greenery, Cuba Café and Debaser, you can be sure that there is always something or someone to rest your eyes on.

The location also makes you close to most, making bistro an equally good option, whether you want to take a quick glass of wine before continuing or staying the whole evening. The influences are derived from the French as well as the Moroccan cuisine, along with elements of several other Mediterranean countries. A selective theater menu is served with elements such as Moroccan lamb with nuts, dried fruits and fresh yogurt.

During the summer, the Moriska Pavilion opens the Moorish Garden, an oasis in the middle of Möllan’s mills. A magnificent bedouin tent spreads over the lush courtyard of the Moorish Pavilion and forms an outdoor lounge under the roof. Here you can hang out, have a good drink and drink garden drinks. From the speakers, lounge music is played (in reasonable conversation level) and concerts are regularly held. The Mooriska Garden is open Wednesdays until Saturday 17-03 throughout the summer.