nya tröls bar and restaurant inside
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Karlskronaplan 1, Malmö, Sverige
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The Nya Tröls Bar & Restaurant is a cozy place with more than 300 kinds of beers from different countries all over the world. It’s the perfect spot for beer lovers and their companions to enjoy the best of what Malmo has to offer. Locals come in droves to Nya Tröls for the quality of the meals and the authentic traditional Swedish dishes cooked to perfection by their grade “A” kitchen staff. All of these beers and food can be enjoyed alongside a live band performance on select evenings. We recommend checking out their eclectic and well designed web page for more information about who is playing and when.


This establishment’s menu is quite amazing with different herbs and spice that will overwhelm your taste buds with joy. In addition to being the spot for beer, the Nya Tröls Bar & Restaurant is also the ideal locale to enjoy some of the best meat in Malmo. Juicy steaks and burgers are among some of the dishes that they are most well known for. The management of the Nya Tröls Bar & Restaurant makes an effort to provide a lot of unique and specialized events, like quiz night or costume parties. The establishment prides itself on serving up craft beer home brewed in the restaurant itself. They have a very unique aesthetic; it’s a little bit vintage, a little bit classic and perhaps a touch steam punk. An evening spent at the Nya Tröls Bar & Restaurant will never be a dull experience.