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Butterick’s has a history over 100 years. At the very beginning, they offered sewing accessories. It was a tailor named Ebenezer Butterick, who lived in New Jersey, who was sewing shirts for children and adults. One day, his wife came up with the brilliant idea to mass produce a pattern so that people could sew their own shirts. The concept was successful. 

They franchised their business and had pattern shops all over the world. They opened the first Butterick’s store in Sweden in 1903. The first world war broke out, and Butterick’s wanted to cheer up the mood among the people. The now classic Butterick’s joke item was made, the fart balloon. After this Butterick’s successively went from shirt patterns to costume and joke products. 

Today Butterick’s is a party specialist that offers next to everything within costumes, party and presents. There are several stores spread all over the country. But if you’d rather shop from your sofa, then you can visit their webshop here.