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The name of this store is vague but really says everything you need to know about the store. So, what kind of cool stuff do they have? All kinds! This is the perfect store for any shopping occasion. If you are buying a gift for the friend that has everything, you can come here and get a fondue fountain, giant wine glass, or unicorn teapot. Maybe you need to get some kitchen gadgets

for yourself or a housewarming party. You can find so many interesting appliances and tools for the home here, both common and uncommon. In store and online, they really have it all. From gadgets you have seen on infomercials to movie memorabilia and eco products.

The store is incredibly organized and clean. The displays change regularly to allow for new and seasonal stock. During Halloween, you can come here for all your spooky supplies. For Christmas, stop in for special decorations you can’t find anywhere else.

Have you ever wished you could make Death Star waffle? They have that. Do you need a safe and discreet place to store your valuables at home? They have a clock with a safe behind it. Are you trying to get into shape but bored with the regular methods? They have so many solutions! Not only does this store have everything you could ever need, it has all the things you never knew you wanted. Even if you have no reason to come in, you can spend hours here just browsing through the selection.