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Södra Vallgatan 3, Malmö, Sverige
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Real authentic Greek food is a glorious thing. There is just something truly magical about creamy, tangy Tzatziki sauce over meat, salad, and pita bread. We visited Opa during the week when they were running their happy hour special where you can get 30% off alcoholic drinks. We enjoyed our wonderful crisps beer with a basket of French fries, lamb, tzatziki sauce and Greek salad.

All the foods that touched our mouths were orgasmically good, and the portions were enormous by European standards. We definitely left with bellies bursting over our belts, and have zero regrets about doing so. Just a fair warning though they have a really cheeky sign over their counter reading “ we do not have Wi-Fi….talk to each other. Pretend it is 1995.” Opa Greek restaurant has an indoor and an outdoor sitting area. During our visit, we arrived around 5’o clock and sat outside.

It was really nice to enjoy our beers in the summer air and watch the sun dip down under the lines of the buildings as we transitioned into the evening. We were feeling a little peckish after sitting for a while so we ordered Halloumi pita, which I must tell you, also blew our minds. They have really good vegetarian and the vegan option of course and I think coming here with such a picky eater wouldn’t be a bad idea either. The pricing is quite reasonable given the quality and taste of Opa’s food.